No this isn’t a get rich post or an article telling you that you can fill in surveys. This article is to tell you about some websites that you can go to now, set up an account and start working. In most cases you will need laptop and an internet connection. You can find cheap laptops to buy on facebook market place or curry’s pc world will have a relatively low cost laptops to get you going.

The other thing you will need to have is a basic skill set such as being someones admin assistant. For example these sites will provide you with job vacancies of millions of people all around the world who require someone to assist them in various and fairly easy activities. You might find a post from someone who needs basic data entry. Where you enter things into a spreadsheet. You you might find someone who requires you to go out and find a list or websites. All very easy and doable tasks, that you can be hired right now for. This makes an ideal time for people who want to work at home and suiting as Christmas is starting to close in.


Quite easily the biggest online job platform in the world. Simply sign up and set up your profile. Then go through their job categories. Millons of jobs are posted weekly. Just remember when replying to a job, treat it like a job application and if you say you can do something for someone, make sure you can do it. Get started now:


More central to UK based job roles. Again work from home and select through their various job opportunities to work from home.


This place initially started were you would do small jobs for £5. However this has branched out into fully fledged marketplace. On this website you advertise small jobs you can do for people and the price they will pay. Once you’ve set up a few, watch the buyers flood in. Visit